Alcoholism Pill & Medication Advice

Dealing With Withdrawal From Alcohol

The full chemical withdrawal from alcohol, regardless of the amount you drink, lasts around two weeks, climbing to a climax around 36 hours after the last drink and slowly fading away to near zero after a couple of weeks.

stop drinking iphone appBecause of the hard wiring you have constructed in your brain, and your overactive hypothalamus, you may never achieve total zero, but everyday you don’t drink, the base state of withdrawal drops a little further.

If you are currently dependent upon alcohol to the point where if you stop you experience traumatic physical symptoms such as spasms, fitting, fever and vomiting, you will need to see your doctor and explain that you are using this method to stop.

Prescription Medication to Stop Drinking?

Your general practitioner will be able to give you prescription medication to help suppress these unpleasant side effects while you go through the kick. This extended withdrawal period is exactly why you cannot safely have ‘just one drink’, that one drink is the reason why 95% of people trying to quit with ‘will-power’ fail.

One sip of alcohol may take less than five seconds to consume, but will start an unstoppable process that will last at least two weeks. During that period a new chemical imbalance will force you to crave another drink and that pain will only stop for two reasons.

Firstly, the discomfort will go away if you take a drink of alcohol, and secondly, that pain will dissipate if you give it long enough. So in summary, the only way to stop the pain of an alcohol kick is to drink or to not drink.

This is the harsh reality of how to stop drinking without willpower or AA.

Only one of those solutions doesn’t create another problem the next day, and I don’t need to tell you which one. If for the briefest moment you start to think ‘just one drink won’t do any harm’ or ‘I will only have one glass of wine with my evening meal’, you are willingly stepping back into the mousetrap and assuming that this time you are safe, one more poke at the cheese won’t make any difference!

Avoiding the Trap Of Alcoholism

You drink because there is a chemical imbalance in your brain; but the catch 22 is that while the alcohol gives you a short-term release from the imbalance by flooding the brain with more of the chemicals you crave, withdrawal from alcohol also causes a chemical imbalance all of its own.

So now you have two problems; one created by the booze, and one that was there in the first place. The discomfort of the first imbalance makes you create the second imbalance and you get trapped in a never-ending loop.

So here is how you break the loop once and for all. Firstly, stop drinking, I mean today… right now. Unlike before when you have had this brave moment we are going to do something vitally different, we are going to stop the first imbalance from triggering the second imbalance.

Remember, for the next two weeks you may feel uneasy, uncomfortable and anxious, this is caused by the kick from alcohol, an addictive drug.

The good news is once you get 14 to 15 days sober, the symptoms are so mild you can’t distinguish them from the genuine emotions of daily life.

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